This Gifted Guided Healing site offers viewers an introduction or a deeper understanding of an age old healing practice. Our culture is recognizing this practice as one of common ground; when we work together with modern sciences we can achieve greater success for optimal health. There are many gifted healers. Often, these healers have experiences that are very different and unexplainable from the “reality” we humans live. As they grow into and understand their ability, they can begin to share these gifts with others and they become a respected and desired source to assist in realigning one’s mind, body, and spirit ailments and conditions. Let me share my journey; together we will discover your ultimate path to healing. This path will lead you to a treatment plan and help you to find what remedies are available to assist in the process of your healing.

About Sandy

Although there are many energy sources on our planet that healers use, my source of energy comes directly from our creator, God…Read More


After that, as I would get anxious, a phone call or a visit from Sandy was I all needed. As I continue throughout my journey of life….Read More

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Conditions Addressed:

Acid reflux, alcohol addiction, anxiety, blood clots, cancer, colitis, common colds, constipation, cyst on ovaries, diverticulitis, food allergies, headaches, help with chemotherapy/radiation, help with the process of healing broken bones, HPV virus breakout, joint pain menstrual cramps, migraines, muscle aches, nodules on vocal cords/on thyroid, pain relief for several aliments, pregnancy issues, psoriasis, sinus infections, skin rashes, sleep issues, stomach virus, tumors, vertigo and many others

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