My name is Sandy and I am a gifted guided healer.

I realized when I was young that I had a different awareness, an awareness of a connection to God and his on-going guidance. I didn’t always understand what that meant to me or my purpose for it. Why could I see and feel “more” than others? It wasn’t until I was an adult that I began understanding what could be done with God’s direct assistance and developing these gifts. I am called an empathic; I have the ability to feel and see what is occurring inside the human body.

The moment that I understood the depth of my gift was during a traumatic injury of my son; during this incident I was able to relieve my son from pain with nothing but the help of God and my hands.
As my children grew up and got into high school, I listened to God’s whisperings to help people in the ways that I could with His guidance.

I slowly began sharing about my gifts with others and over the years, I have gained confidence in the awesome power of God’s miracles and my part in the daily offering of His blessings to any one that is ready to experience more in their life.

I have developed the ability of my gift of sight in detecting issues within the human body and this site provides insight and direction for a course of healing, whether it be with natural remedies or the intervention of medical doctors. Often, my healings alone are enough to restore the mind, body, and soul to its proper balance.

Although there are many energy sources on our planet that healers use, my gift and source of energy comes directly from our creator, God.

Welcome to Gifted Guided Healing… a place for you to learn about what I offer today as a practitioner of God’s healing light and grace. Enjoy sifting through the testimonials from clients of all ages, more about the gifts I have available to me to use in sessions, blessings I perform, how to contact me, and when desired, encouragement to clients to find their own powerful relationship with God.

It will be an honor to walk the journey with you into a full and vibrant life of faith, wellness and comfort.

Let Your Healing Begin