Un-known back pain, eye sight, and PTSD September 2018

I originally went to Sandy with a pain in my mid back area that
radiated around to my front with pain so bad that I couldn’t
breath. I had many many tests, Cat scans, x-rays, MRI’s. I decided to
give Sandy a try. She worked on me and told me I had a rib out of
place and to go to a chiropractor. I did and told him what she said.
He did an x-ray and low and behold he said she was right! My pain is
almost gone! God is Good.
Another time Sandy helped me was with my eyes. I have glaucoma
and had surgery many years ago. I had to have a reversal of my surgery
and the Dr.s were afraid that they would not be able to control my eye pressure.
Normal pressure should be under 20.
My first reading was 35! After Sandy worked on me a few times my next
readings were 27, 23 and last week 19!
Sandy is truly gifted and I thank God for bringing her into my life.
She has also helped me with anxiety I had with PTSD after a driving accident caused by black ice.
I pray to God to continue to give you the gift of guided healing.

C. Johnson

Opening my Heart to feel more love September 2018

I’ve been seeing Sandy for roughly a year and I truly believe her
mission on this good Earth is to help and heal others. Upon my first
visit, I found Sandy to be very intuitive regarding underlying health
issues that I had that she had picked up on. I feel that she has been
instrumental in aiding my physical health but more importantly my
mental and spiritual health. The biggest and most important gift that
I have been given by seeing Sandy is the opening of my heart chakra. I
literally feel my heart expand when good things happen, it’s like
the Grinch’s heart that breaks the frame in the Christmas cartoon
and whenever I feel that sensation, I relay it to Sandy’s healing
and clearing of my heart. I feel the good in life more deeply and it
feels like a weight has permanently been lifted! Sandy is a trusted
ally in restoring my life and is a joy and a blessing to work with.
Thank you Sandy❤

Shawn V  September 2018

Learning to clear the energy clogged in our bodies - Chakra healing 9-2018


I really enjoyed the session last night…even though I didnt think I was very good at it, it peaks my interest and I really want to embrace it more! The best part is I came home and had a great conversation with hubby…probably one of the best in a while…he asked how it went and I told him and we talked and it was really nice…then we went in the house and had the second best “conversation ” of the day. He has been a recipient of the “one way conversation ” lately due to my inability to concentrate and block out life, but yesterday was a totally different story and MUCH needed!!!
So now I am really excited to embark on this charka clearing journey and see what more I can do to better myself!!!
I had to tell you!
Have a great relaxing weekend! I know my feet will be in some dirt this weekend too!! Xo

I.J. 9-2018

Eye Sight July 2018

I met Sandy at a graduation party by chance. We sat at the same table
while eating dinner. We were drawn to that table for reason. My son a
couple weeks prior to meeting Sandy Texted me while in school and
said, “all of a sudden, I can not see out of my right eye”. There had
been other things that had happened the night before, so I decided
that it was time to take him to the emergency room. 2 days in the
hospital and many tests later they released my son not having a clue
as to why he could not see. Bounce forward 2 weeks. Met Sandy and she
told us her back ground. I thought why not give it a try. Nothing else
was working. After our first visit my son was so excited because we
walked out of there and he could see. Not a lot but more than he could
walking in. After the second visit he was able to see even more, third
visit even more. His vision since then has been great. Sandy is an
amazing healer. I am a true believer that God can heal. Sandy is very
welcoming, loving and cares about your individual story. I have made a
new friend. :)I will be forever thankful to her and God for giving my
son his sight back.

Sue Cooper July 2018

Infertility July 2018

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 7 years. We tried
multiple natural treatments and 3 years of fertility treatments. After
7 years I was ready to give up, and had lost hope. Then one day a
friend recommended Sandy. Despite wanting to give up I experienced a
renewed energy to reach out to Sandy. She scheduled me quickly and I
had an instant connection with her the first time we met. Sandy has
such a warm, nurturing, and guiding spirit. Sandy helped both my
husband and myself to have hope in God, and the fertility treatments.
Within 3 months of seeing her I was pregnant!
She helped me to heal emotionally and spiritually, and now I am so
grateful to say that I am 7 months pregnant with a healthy, happy
Sandy helped to restore my faith in God and my belief in miracles!

Elizabeth Winterholler

July 2018


The Real Deal January 2018


My first meeting with Sandy put all my skepticism aside. As I sat with
her she immediately called out the fact that I was very yeasty. Which
was no surprise to me as I have tinea versicolor. Sandy’s gentle and
loving approach made me feel like I was in good hands. Her love and
support continued to guide me as I had to call upon her to help with
my youngest who is 3 and at the time was overcoming a UTI. It was over
christmas that I reached out to Sandy asking for some guidance and insight
on how to help treat my sweet daughter. After my text was received
on her end, she promptly called me and said that she had a flap that
needed to be healed in order to help rid her of this UTI. Sandy is
AMAZING, even when healing remotely like this particular situation
with my daughter. Little did sandy know, my daughter had a labial
adhesion. With her guidance I began to treat the adhesion and it is
now totally cleared up. Through Sandy, she introduced me to a
homeopathic practioner who tested my daughters meridians informing me that her
lymphatic system was not draining, hence the reason she wasn’t able to
kick the UTI she was dealing with. Without Sandy’s guidance and lead
to  Jeff, I would have been stuck in the medical fields round of
routine antibiotics to treat her UTI.
Sandy is an amazing, kind and a truly caring person who loves everyone she treats.
If you were like me at first and skeptical, put all your worries aside. You are in great
hands with her guidance and healing. I am so unbelievably fortunate to
have been introduced to Sandy and to have her so graciously respond to
my urgent plea to help my daughter over the holidays. She truly is
gifted and once you meet her you will immediately know what I am
talking about. Please don’t hesitate to give Sandy a try. If you are
like I was, at a dead end on how to move forward towards a road of
recovery, she is going to help aid you in achieving ultimate health.
There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t thank the Lord for
putting Sandy into myself and my daughters life. Sandy is the real

Amanda Fata

Acne Issues 2017

I am a healthy fit 48-year-old living in Michigan, USA. I have suffered from acne my whole life. I even went as far as to take Accutane in my 20s. It wasn’t until I met Sandy, Healer, Medical Intuitive, that I discovered my issue. Foods containing naturally occurring sulfites like avocado, grapes, and almonds are triggers.

Dried fruits and nuts contain a high amount of sulfite additives. Soybean oil and certain dairy in excess is also an issue. I hope this helps someone, my life is fuller, and I am excited to face everyday with beautiful clear skin. God bless Sandy and if you need help I would advise you to contact her directly,

Gina F.

Sandy is a wonderful Earth Angel to get to know. March 2017


I first heard about Sandy from a close and trusted friend. I was intrigued, but at this point did not do much with the information. Later, I heard about Sandy again from another close friend. This time, I felt like I was being pulled toward her. With some delays and excuses, I took my time getting to her, but when I finally did, I knew I had made the right decision. Sandy works off a strong faith in God, but does not push dogma onto her clients. Rather, much of the time in her office is spent in conversation, where she truly listens and hears what you’re going through. Sandy is intuitive and loving in her conversations. Finally came the healing part, where I got to see what it was like to lie on her table and feel the white light. As much as I hate to admit, I tend to be a bit of a skeptic, so I was wondering if I would “feel” anything. I quickly realized I would! Without touching me, I could feel the energy moving as Sandy did her healing. And while the healing work itself is amazing, it is Sandy’s ability to listen, empathize, and problem solve that I look forward to the most during our visits. Also, she doesn’t treat you as a time slot and then forget about you, rather, she is committed to being there for you in a continued capacity. So if you’re struggling with emotional, physical, or any other types of imbalances, Sandy is a wonderful Earth Angel to get to know.



Anxiety 2017

have been seeing Sandy on a monthly basis since January for help with an anxiety-related disorder. Her sessions have been so therapeutic. She takes the time to listen to what’s going on with you and then for about a half hour, she uses her God-given gift to rebalance and heal you. If she picks up on an ailment, she will certainly let you know.

I have gone to her a few times super stressed out and anxious, but have left feeling so much more at peace. I admire her faith in God and I enjoy our spiritual conversations. Though I go for emotional relief, I can also say that my time spent has also helped strengthen my faith in God as well.

Sandy is fantastic and I highly recommend her if you are looking for a more holistic approach to medicinal healing.

Amber L

May 2017

Back Problems and Pain Management 10/2016
I have a lot of back problems; degenerative disc, spinal stenosis and arthritis of the spine. I was talking to my daughter, Kim, and told her that I was tired of all the back injections and the burning of my nerves in lower back. I wanted to check into alternativee methods for healing, then she told me about Sandy and her amazing gift! I decided to make an appointmentt for 2 days later.
Sandy was very open, friendly and a faith-filled woman. I loved her faith in God and she said that The Lord directed her and spoke to her as she brought healing to her people. As she started to work on me, I felt a wonderful warmth and tingling sensation wherever she had her hands. She continued over 6 sessions to find pain and discomfort in me that I didn’t even know was there. If she couldn’t find the pain on me, she would find my pain on her own body and say ” oh, there it is!” and then work on that area for me. The Lord directs her every step of the way!!
I have to say after only 6 visits that my back pain is minimal and I take only 2 pain pills a day vs. 6-8 a day. I am off my Naproxen( prescriptionon anti-inflammatory, spirolactone (antibioticc of my dry eye), Omeprazole (acid- reflux medicine). I know longer grind my teeth or have \drainage in my left ear. I have to say my overall well-being is AMAZING! My eyes glow with good health. And I have so much energy.
Sandy is a Miracle Worker! The Lord has blessed her with this gift and sent her to all of us. She will not only find your physical pain, but also your emotional pain. The day she brought up to me about seeing a sister that I may have trouble with, it broke open a damn of family emotional problems. And as I talked about my sister, my whole body was shaking and vibrating with emotion. Slowly, she took it all from me! Sandy said, my emotional problems were causing my back pain. I feel like a different person since before I saw Sandy. I thank The Lord everyday for bringing Sandy into my life. She will be in my life forever, if not as my healer, then as my friend!!
God Bless You, Sandy!!Joyce M
Valuable Insights 5/27/2016

I have been a client of Sandy’s for over two years now.  I appreciate her valuable insights into the human condition and how to resolve them. She has helped me in many areas, including stress.  Jeffrey Sorna, DiHOM

Our Journey with hives

Our journey to Sandy started 5 years before we ever met. In second grade my middle daughter started to get hives on her arms, legs, body and eventually her face. We had gone to an allergist and had the 72 patch, and the 32 “prick” tests to find out what was causing her hives. After two long days with the patch tests and the “prick” tests, it was determined that she had a severe allergy to Nickel. We proceeded to clear coat all of her desks and chairs at her school to cover the metal posts and bolts on them. The hives continued. We had been to some of the best dermatologist’s from Port Huron to Melvindale, each of them stating that the others are treating her “allergies” the correct way and each suggested we invest into a UV light box for our basement at a cost of around $4,000. This went on for 5 years, shuttling her from one UV light box appointment to another, one dermatologist appointment to the next trying to find an answer to why her hives continued. I eventually got an appointment at U of M to consult with one of the leading Juvenile Dermatologists in the State. It was the morning of that appointment that I was compelled to mention this in a business meeting and asked for prayers that they find a resolution to the hives. After the meeting a friend from that morning’s business meeting called me and stated that he had a friend that “talked to God” and wanted to know if I would be interested in meeting with her. My answer was absolutely! because no one else could figure it out, what could it hurt. That is when Sandy came into our lives. At the first meeting Sandy told us what she does and how God directs her on how to help others. It was also at this meeting that Sandy said it would take 8 meeting for God to help my Daughter. The first 2 went well and my Daughter started to look a little better, the redness was gone but the hives were still present. It was at the third meeting that things started to happen quickly. Sandy had asked if my Daughter ever had surgery on her upper right jaw because she said, “there is something there that shouldn’t be”.  I could not think of anything so Sandy continued to work. A few minutes later Sandy went back to her upper right jaw and asked again if we ever had anything done to her upper right jaw because that is the location of the problem. After a few minutes of discussion I called our dentist to see if there was anything done to her jaw at her dentist appointments and it was during this phone call that we discovered that 5 years earlier my Daughter had some cavities filled with malgonite, which is the metal fillings. The light bulb went on and the dentists got her in the very next day, pulled the baby teeth that had the cavities and re-filled the others with porcelain. The dentist told us that one of her teeth, in her upper right jaw, was cracked right through and the filling was probably leaching the metal right into her body. Remember she is very sensitive to Nickel which is one of the metals in the fillings.

Back Pain

 January 16, 2017

I was guided to Sandy last November. She has been able to eliminate pain in my back – achilles tendon and issues that I was not even aware of – she found an issue in my shoulder that was causing my hand to go numb. She is truly a miracle worker – and does not take credit – she gives all credit to God. She is an amazing person – I am so filled with gratitude to be able to walk almost pain free!

Last October I had surgery on my eye for a torn retna. Sandy has been guided over the past few visits to my eyes. I recently went for an eye exam – and the sight in my right eye is better than my last exam a year ago – the doctor could not believe it – he tested my eye a number of times to be sure.

Thank you Sandy –

Bonnie A
From day one you told us she had an overgrowth of yeast running through her body


My family wishes to thank you (and God :)) from the bottom of our hearts.  My mother began her sickness in January of 2015, after many different doctors and eight months of 24 hour a day suffering, we still were at a loss as to what her condition was and how to help her.

Sandy, from day one you told us she had an overgrowth of yeast running through her body.  With your guidance and a simple dose of a daily probiotic, my mother was better within 48 hours! You will be happy to know she is 100% today and still going strong at 85 years old!!!!!

Thank you and God Bless!

Gina and Family

When I first met Sandy, I was a little reluctant.

Only because I had just found out that I had brain cancer and was suffering from seizures. After my craniotomy, I couldn’t handle commotion, noise, bright light and especially meeting new people. My first visit with Sandy was very calming and I realized that I had nothing to be afraid of. She was very down to earth and friendly. As my healing went on I began to feel better and the she seems to calm me in the midst of my treatments. With her guidance and by teaching me to have a positive attitude amongst a very tough time in my life, I began to change for the better. After that, as I would get anxious, a phone call or a visit from Sandy was I all needed. As I continue throughout my journey of life, I feel like a renewed person ready to face any battle as it comes. God had brought Sandy into my life and for that I am truly grateful. Lisa K

There are a variety of ways that our faith can be challenged

and starting a family was no exception for my husband Tony and I. We learned about true struggle in faith during the pregnancy of our daughter Sophie. We conceived in August of 2010 and the first round of testing at 6 weeks showed normal levels and measurements as well as a healthy growing environment for our baby. I was told to come back for another ultrasound at 20 weeks gestation so that we could hopefully determine the gender of the baby. My due date was set for May 24th. During the next 12 weeks or so I noticed that I did not gain a single pound. My waistline did increase slightly but week-by-week I started to get worried as the number on the scale stayed the same. It is definitely a strange feeling as a woman to to be hoping for an increase of the numbers on the scale but even with all of the hoping the numbers didn’t budge. Finally on December 27, 2010 my husband and I went for our 20-week ultrasound and the technician started the routine exam. She started to measure the baby and all the little parts. She then began to ask questions about my gestation and the projected due date. She left the room stating that she needed to check my previous ultrasounds to see about the baby’s growth. After discussing the results with the doctor on staff she shared with us that the baby was measuring at 10 weeks rather that 20 weeks and her head was larger in proportion to her body then it should have been. The other organs were too small to get a good look at to see whether they were functioning properly. We would have to meet with our doctor to discuss what to do next. Tony and I sat in silence while we waited in the small conference room for my OB to call on the phone. It was the longest 5 minutes of my life. We were instructed to make several appointments with a variety of specialists to determine the cause of the baby’s growth restriction. The outcome was most likely fatal for my unborn child and possibly to me. The nightmare had begun. I went home that first night a cried and prayed as I have never cried and prayed before. I was pleading with God to save my baby. “Please Lord, let this not be true. Save my baby, save me, save us.” We went to a genetics counselor two days later. She explained to us the need for genetic testing and the outcome that was likely to be found. They predicted several disorders that meant a short life span for our child with much suffering and little chance of recovery. The invasive testing was done and it was a waiting game for the results. We did find out however that we were having a baby girl. We knew her name would be Sophie. Tony and I cried and prayed again and again in desperation. Would they make me delivery our stillborn baby girl? Would they give us Sophie’s body for burial? How were we ever going to get through this? We even took turns apologizing to each other-for what, we still don’t know. On New Year’s Eve we got news that the results of the test showed a normal gene pattern. We cried and praised God for this first victory. But we weren’t; out of the woods yet. We know what the problem wasn’t, but we didn’t know what it was. I went to work after the holiday break and I pulled a few women colleges into my classroom when I arrived that first morning in January. One of these women was Sandy Kallek. She and I had become fast friends at work and she had always proved to be a great comfort in difficult situations so I wanted to make sure that I told her the details of the pregnancy. After listening to the terrible story of my holiday break she looked at me and simply said, “She is going to be fine.” Of course I was a skeptic because I had a whole team of doctors tell me different just a few days before. I asked her how she knew and she said, “God told me. She will be small, but she will be born alive. She will be okay.” This was the first time that Sandy had “seen” anything concerning my baby and I. For the next few months I was seeing doctors almost daily and every one of them seemed to come up with something else that was the matter with Sophie; from her kidneys, to her heart, and as always her extremely small size. Sandy remained a voice of prophecy and she used the gift of healing to offer physical and emotional peace. I recall one afternoon at work, I was in severe pain all over my back. I could barely walk and it didn’t matter what I did to stretch or adjust I still was miserable. Sandy came over to me in the teacher workroom and she began to pray over my shoulders and back. She asked me where my pain was and I could not pin point it I just knew that my whole back was in a spasm. She told me that the pain was from a knot that was under my shoulder blade. I was just thankful that she prayed the pain away enough for me to make it through the day. The next day I met with a massage therapist and told her about my pain and she began to rub my back. She then said, “Wow! You have a huge knot right here under your shoulder blade!! That must be why you are so uncomfortable.” It was then that I realized that Sandy wasn’t crazy; she was gifted. Another time I was concerned because I hadn’t felt Sophie move for a few hours and I thought that she had died in my womb. I found Sandy and I asked her to pray over my belly and check to see if Sophie was ok. She laid her hands above my stomach and said, “She’s good.” In response I said, “Are you sure?” and at that moment Sophie moved!! It was amazing. It was February of 2011 and my doctor told me that I should have my bags packed in my car from about 25 weeks (gestation) because one bad test meant immediate delivery. I was at my desk crying and Sandy came in. I told her what the doctors had said and she told me, “Kerry, that baby isn’t coming until April. April 27th.” I was in disbelief and was just hoping the baby would stay in until my birthday (March 31st). I kept asking Sandy to ask the Lord what was stopping Sophie from growing. Every test revealed that she was still months behind in her growth but nobody could find the true reason why. It wasn’t until the beginning of April that Sandy finally had an answer for me. She called me on the phone and told me that she had a vision when she was praying that day and the Lord showed her a twisted red rope. She said she wasn’t sure what it meant, whether it was the umbilical cord or my intestines but that there was something that was stopping Sophie from getting the nutrients she needed to grow. However, as a worried mother I was very skeptical because I was having ultrasounds every other day and the cord was being checked. The doctors had said that the cord flow was good and so I felt like Sandy’s prediction may have been a dead end. In mid-April and I was still pregnant with Sophie. She was still behind in her size and weight but we still celebrated every ounce that she gained and every centimeter she grew. I went to one of my many doctors’ appointments and my OB wanted to set an early delivery date at 36 weeks gestation to prevent stillbirth because they still didn’t know the reason for her growth restriction. This put my C-section delivery date at April 26th. Now, if you recall earlier in this testimony I said that Sandy predicted that Sophie would be born on April 27th. I thought to myself “That is pretty darn close.” And then something very interesting happened. Later that day after my appointment where the C-section date was set, my OB called me and told me that there was no place in the schedule for Sophie to be delivered on the 26th of April. He said that we would have to wait until April 27th!!!! I couldn’t believe my ears!!! This was the exact date that Sandy had predicted 2 months prior!! Well she arrived on April 27th through a C-section delivery. My husband was sitting near my head in the operating room and the doctor pulled her out and said to her, “Hi cutie!!” He then said, “Dad, come look at your baby girl and look at this TRUE KNOT in her cord!” I was shocked!! The twisted cord that Sandy had seen in her vision was Sophie’s umbilical cord all twisted up!!! My Lord saved my baby and me and had sent Sandy to help us through the tough beginning of Sophie’s life. It was a miracle in every sense of the word!! Sophie is a healthy 3-½ year old and she is in the normal range for her size and intelligence. She is a spirited little girl with a will to live and a love of life!! Our prayers had been answered. Sandy has healed my children, other members of my family, and myself many times since the pregnancy. I am blessed to call her my friend and my sister in Christ. The Lord has given her a true gift to aid His hurting people and I pray that my story, and Sandy’s willingness to be a vessel, aids in the growth of His kingdom. Kerry E.

Hi Sandy! I have to share with you that I told my chiropractor what you said,
her exact reply  was “that’s so funny because that’s what I work on with you every time”. So amazing! I feel you are SO helpful it’s beyond words! You’re the first person I’ve met that has been afar but sees the whole picture. And you genuinely care, and it’s SO touching! I am beyond grateful for you, without you I could not have stood up for myself and now I can continue on to help my father-in-law and not lose myself! Sandy E
I always believed in God and was taught to pray when you needed guidance or clarity.

I look back and realize that I was never taught HOW to pray until I met Sandy. It was January 2014 and my father had come home after a long rehab stay following hip surgery that was the result of lung cancer that had spread. I knew Sandy casually from my daughters school but it wasn’t until I was faced with dealing with one of the most frightening and difficult situations with my dad, my best friend, mentor and teacher of all things in my life, that I was blessed to know the Sandy who has a heart and soul that is God given for the purpose of physical, emotional and spiritual healing. She quickly went from a casual acquaintance to someone I will always consider family. Her ability to share and bring peace through her faith and gift from God is something that is so comforting and inspiring that I don’t have the vocabulary to express the depth or inspiration that her gift truly is. Sandy went on this journey with me, my Dad and our family from start to finish. She was able to bring a spiritual healing that I didn’t know could exist on earth. She always tells me that she cannot change God’s Plan, however I believe that her gift and faith gave us more quality time than we would of have had otherwise. She is a very comforting and healing presence no matter what setting you are in with her. The gift is truly an extension and tangible presence of God that I have ever felt or been privileged enough to be a part of. Sandy knew before the official medical doctors told us that the cancer had spread to other parts of my father’s body. She knew how and when to direct the healing light before diagnostic confirmation was seen of the disease process. My dad would share with me that he felt better physically and mentally after Sandy would come and see him and pray with him. It was not meant for my father to be granted a cure, however, it was God’s Grace through Sandy that he was granted peace and that we as his family were able to allow him to complete his journey on earth, comforted by the knowledge so generously shared by Sandy that he was ready and that he was just waiting for the rest of us to be accepting and ok with it. Sandy’s gift is a rare and true blessing. Missey

In June of 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer


In June of 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Shortly after I was introduced to Sandy by a mutual friend.

Sandy was by my side every step of the way throughout my treatment. When she would treat me before and after my chemo treatments, the side effects were lessened dramatically.  The chemo nurses and my oncologist constantly remarked on how well I was doing, much better than their other patients.

Sandy told me from the first day I met her that I would not need the years’ worth of treatment that had been prescribed.  And she was right!  Sandy prayed for my complete healing every day.  And she taught me to pray for the same.

Mine was a very large tumor and my oncologist told me repeatedly that they would not be able to shrink it, even with the 16 chemo sessions I was prescribed.  But miraculously, my very large tumor was gone after my very first chemo treatment.

My doctor told me that I had just increased my odds of beating this cancer by 80%. To everyone’s surprise, my last 12 chemo sessions were cancelled.

Sandy also treated me spiritually and emotionally.  She continually reminded me that I was going to be fine and pumped me up with her positive words and prayers.  I truly credit Sandy, who of course gives all the credit to God. If you are sick in body, spirit or heart, Sandy can help you through her very powerful relationship with God, for helping to save my life.


Dawn M

You, my dear friend, are a lighthouse


For a longer version read this:

Sep 11, 2014 8:00am

Hi Friends and Family, Read this version if you’d like all the details about my healing.

Important Cast of Characters Pastor Felicia – Minister at New Life Church, a healing church

Sandy K – A Spiritual Healer Immediately after my diagnosis, within days, I was introduced to both of these women,  Pastor F was interested in renting space at my studio for her church ministry, and called to discuss it with me.  Even though I am a very private person, something made me ask for her prayers that day.  At her urging, in fact she said God asked directly that I do this, she and I spoke on the phone every single day for 62 days.  During each call I would have a bottle of water and she’d ask God to bless it for me.  Pastor F would always ask for the water to cure me, that I would experience a complete and miraculous healing.  I still continue to pray with Pastor F often. The very day after first speaking with Pastor F, my friend Dave called to suggest I call his friend, Sandy.  Sandy had healed his young daughter, along with several other people.  Dave’s daughter was continually getting hives all over her body, and after many many months, and many many disappointed doctor visits, they were at a loss as to how to help her. But Sandy cured her.  In just two visits, God, through Sandy, diagnosed the problem.  I’m crazy about Dave and certainly respect him, so I decided to call Sandy.  At our first meeting she asked what I hoped for out of meeting with her.  At that point I was tormented by exactly what this diagnosis would mean for me.  I was really sad and worried.  I told her I was looking for peace.  She was shocked,  She said peace was easy, but didn’t I want to be cured?  And so that is what we started praying for – a complete and miraculous healing. Sandy would come to the house to pray over me, especially just before chemo treatments.  She met my husband, my mother, my youngest son, and my daughter-in-law, Emily and the grandkids.  When I was feeling especially lousy after chemo, nauseous and fatigued, I would text Sandy for an extra dose of prayers and white light.  It always helped me. Please note that both of these women told me often and repeatedly that all their power comes from God.  That they don’t heal people, God does.  God speaks through them. One of the interesting things about Pastor F and Sandy, is that they almost always told me the same exact thing.  And I very rarely shared what the other was telling me.  When I first met with them I told them that my oncologist said my treatment would last for about a year.  They both strongly disagreed with this and continued to hold this stance.  They  were both confident that I would be cured.  I wish I had a nickel for every time Pastor F reminded me that God said, “All will be well with you”. Before I started chemo I had a PETscan that would detect if the cancer had spread anywhere in my body.  When I spoke to Pastor F that day I told her I was in a bad place, so worried about the PETscan results.  I had been told that I had likely had my tumor for 4 years so it would be quite possible that it had spread elsewhere. This was a Sunday and I told her I didn’t expect the results til Wednesday.  Pastor F said that was too long to wait, it would be too hard on me emotionally.  So she said, “To heck with man’s results, let’s go straight to God for his results”.  After praying over me for a few minutes she declared that God told her that the PETscan would be clear, that the cancer had not spread anywhere.  I told her I really couldn’t allow myself to even hope for that.  I couldn’t afford to be that disappointed if it wasn’t true.  No problem, she said, I’ll believe it for you.  The next morning my dr called with the results and said the exact same words that Pastor F told me God had told her – the PETscan was clear, the cancer had not spread anywhere. WOW.  Like my son Ty said, that was a pretty ballsy prediction.  But Pastor F felt confident enough to tell me that because God had whispered it in her ear. Just a few weeks later Pastor F called me.  Unusual.  It was always my job to call her, to show my devotion to God.  But she couldn’t help herself, she was so excited to tell me that God told her that i would not need all my prescribed treatment.  I was lukewarm to this news.  I explained that I could not allow myself to hope for this.  I was a warrior and prepared to endure this year long journey. It would be too devastating to hope for less treatment if it didn’t come true.  I just couldn’t set myself up for that heart ache.  She totally understood and said she would stand in proxy for me and continue to pray that I would not need all the treatment. Also during this same week, I attended a healing mass at the invitation of my dear friend, Kurt.  Kurt and his wife, Tia, had been praying for me daily, saying the rosary, and asking for a complete and miraculous healing. My mother, myself, and my cousin Suzie all attended the mass.  The mass was held at The Servants of Jesus the Divine Mercy, founded by Catherine M. Lanni.  After mass Catherine told her own story of being miraculously healed years ago.  It left me with an incredible sense of peace and hope.  Her ministers prayed over me, again for a complete and miraculous healing. The thing that sent me to the doctor in the first place was that my nipple was inverted.  Not a good sign, ladies.  So when I told Malek that Sandy and Pastor F said I would not need all my treatment, I said, “If my nipple went back to normal then I might actually believe that something was happening, that I might not actually need all the treatment”. The doctors had told me that the reason my nipple was inverted was because the tumor was so large it was pulling on it.  They also told me, REPEATEDLY, not to expect my tumor to shrink.  It was way too large and likely would not shrink at all, even with 16 doses of chemo as I was prescribed.  They cautioned me not to get my hopes up and said not to expect it to shrink at all, let alone to the point that would make me a candidate for a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy. Pastor F told me to tell my doctors what God had told her – that I would not need all my treatment.  I told her of course I would, but in my head I was thinking there is no way I am telling my doctors that!  But when I met with the nurse practitioner at my oncologist’s office two days later, I did tell her.  I told her I didn’t know what it meant, maybe nothing, but I wanted her to note it in my chart.  And she did.  She said that she had been doing this work for 17 years and had seen all kinds of things.  Things she could not explain away with medicine. One day I got out of the shower, caught a look at myself in the mirror, and realized my nipple was totally normal.  This was just 10 days after my first chemo treatment. Malek and I, and my boys and their girls and my mother, were all blown away by this, and we were very cautiously optimistic.  Just two weeks later I saw my doctor.  His reaction when he examined me was “WHOA”.  He could find no sign of my tumor whatsoever.  I told him what God had said.  I reminded him that he himself had told me my tumor would not shrink.  He said, “Yes.  But I never told you my medicine is the only medicine”.  WHOA is right. At that time he told me we would still continue with my treatment as prescribed – finish up the 8 weeks of every other week chemo, followed by three months of weekly chemo, followed by mastectomy, and then 7 weeks of daily radiation. I happened to be alone at this appointment, certainly never expecting anything so dramatic to happen, and I sat there stunned.  I was so overwhelmed by the news that my tumor really was gone, that I didn’t even question it when he said we’d continue with treatment as prescribed. You might be curious why I’d need surgery when the tumor was gone.  We were too and I was very upset when I learned that surgery would still likely be in my future.  Apparently, if I understand correctly, the “bed of the tumor”, where it laid in my breast, has a high incidence of recurrence. So all the tissue that the tumor touched would need to be removed. Malek and I had decided that we weren’t comfortable just continuing with treatment as prescribed.  My tumor was gone!  Certainly that had to change something.  Speaking with my cousin Craig (an oncologist in Houston), he explained all the many reasons why my doctor would very likely insist I continue with all the treatment.  All of these reasons made good sense but did nothing to make me feel any better about the situation. In the meantime, Sandy and Pastor F continue to pray for me and with me, and to pump me up and help me grow my relationship with God.  This whole thing seems so strange to have happened to me.  I was raised Catholic and raised my sons Lutheran.  I’ve always had a quiet and private relationship with God.  I’ve always had faith.  But nothing compared to these two women who came into my life! Pastor F is a strong, proud black woman, who is still studying to complete her credentials to be a minister.  She prays loudly and vociferously and even speaks in tongues.  So odd and different from anything I’d ever experienced.  Her knowledge of the bible is INCREDIBLE!  She continually invites me to come to her church and to bring my family, and we’ve agreed to visit soon and I’ll give my testimony.  I keep warning her that she will freak my men out!  I can just see Malek and the boys cowering at the back, eyes huge, all hugging each other. Sandy is the opposite of Pastor F.  She’s quiet and unassuming.  She’s very no-nonsense and as normal as you or I.  She doesn’t really know why she was given this gift.  Why God speaks to her and helps her to heal people.  Sometimes it is troubling for her.  But she knows that this is the path that God has led her down and she accepts that and prays over it often.  She has helped me accept that miracles do happen, and to very real and normal people.  She has helped me in so many ways.  She definitely gave me peace when I needed it most.  She stays “in touch” with me even between visits.  Always praying for me.  One day I was putzing in the kitchen.  I looked across the counter and saw a bottle of water.  I thought to myself, why in the world am I standing here feeling so miserable and dehydrated, when I have a bottle of water right here?!  I picked it up and took a huge swallow.  Just then Sandy texted me saying, “You feel very dehydrated to me.  Please drink some water right away”.  HA! Pastor F kept reminding me that God said I would not need all my treatment.  Sandy always concurred.  I told them that just because I didn’t need all my treatment did not mean my doctors would not insist I have all my treatment.  And if they did I would feel I had to continue.  I could not put my husband and sons and mother through that.  I could not have them worrying that I was risking my life by refusing treatment the doctors felt strongly I needed.  And after talking to my cousin Craig, the oncologist, I totally expected my doctors would want me to do all the treatment. Ok, Pastor F said, then we need to start praying for God to impart wisdom on the hearts of your doctors so they realize you do not need all this treatment.  When I called Sandy to ask for these prayers, she was like “DUH”.  I’ve been praying for that all along.  She also continued to say that I would not need all this treatment.  From the beginning Sandy felt this strongly and told me this often. This past Monday, 9/8, my Mother’s 75th birthday, Malek and I met with the nurse practitioner at my doctor’s office.  She examined me again and still could not find any sign of my tumor. I reminded her that God said I would not need all of my treatment and she said, “I know.  That’s why I’m so freaked out here”. She told us that we would likely still continue with all the treatment initially prescribed, but went to confer with my oncologist.  I sat quietly praying for God to impart his wisdom on their hearts. Malek and I were absolutely blown away when she came back to report that she and my dr. both agreed there was no reason to over-treat this cancer and they were canceling the remainder of my chemo. WOW. The rest of my day was spent making happy phone calls to my sons and my mother (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!), and all the other most important people who had been praying for me.  Even today, three days later, this news still hasn’t quite sunk in for us. At this point I am waiting for an appointment for an MRI. My insurance company is less-than-thrilled about being asked to pay for another MRI, just 3 months after the first.  The request has been sent to a physician review, to be followed by a peer-to-peer review, where my surgeon will speak directly to the insurance company doctors to plead our case. Once my surgeon has the results from the MRI we will meet with her and see where this all takes us next. I truly believe I have been healed by God.  What else could explain this?  It’s a miracle!  And I’m blown away by it!  I am not one who throws words like “miracle” around.  Sandy asked me once why I had so much trouble accepting that this is a miracle.  I said because miracles happened in the Old Testament, not to normal, average women in Clinton Twp.  Wrong, she said.  You still hear about miracles all the time.  But when I have heard about people being “miraculously” healed, I expected they were really healed by doctors and medicine.  I suspected they were “holy rollers”, maybe zealots, and they chose to call their healing a miracle when it was really nothing of the sort.  My own miracle has me re-thinking alot of things. God knew this about me.  He knew I wouldn’t accept a miracle at face value.  So he put these two wonderful women in my life, to guide me, to help strengthen my relationship with Him, and lead the way to my belief. I continue to need your prayers and support.  I have definitely won a big battle, but the war is not yet over. Thanks for all you’ve done for me.  Praise God! D xoxo.





Mystery Illness...Before meeting Sandy I didn't have much hope left

I thought that after praying for 7 years for healing, God would have answered by now. I thought if he did want me to be healed, it would have happened by now. I had prayed the weeks before meeting Sandy for him to please tell me what to do, where to go for treatment for my apparent mystery illness. I prayed for him to tell me if I needed to continue with my current doctor and treatment that didn’t seem to be helping me any. After several days of praying and not feeling like I was hearing anything from God, I thought that maybe I needed psychotropic medications. I thought that if nobody could help me with my symptoms that maybe my solution was to go back on medications to at least help me manage the symptoms. I contacted my psychologist, and he gave me a list of referrals. I called over ten people, and each time, I was told that they were either not taking new patients, or were booked out several months. I did find one that could see me within a few weeks, but his office was 90 minutes away. I was giving up on my body being healed, and accepting that this would be my life. Up to this point many doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, and thought I was making it up or that it was all in my head. Even after seeking treatment at one of the best hospitals in the country, I was told that there was nothing wrong and they prescribed Xanax, which made me so out of it I could hardly function. The day after I finally found a physiatrist that was willing to take me on as a patient, I was given Sandy’s contact information from a mutual friend. I spoke with her, and asked some questions about what she does. I had my first session with her that a few days later. I have had weekly sessions with Sandy for 8 weeks now. After the first session, I felt so much hope and peace. Two things that I had not felt in a long time. Even though I know that I am not done healing, and it is a work in progress, I feel that the hope that I am able to receive from God through Sandy is just as important to me as healing. Sandy has a gift. She is able to understand on a deeper level what I am feeling and going through. She understands me when I talk about my symptoms, believes that what I am saying is true, and gives me so much hope. After several healing sessions, we felt that God was directing me to seek another medical opinion. Even though my appointment is 3 months away, I have more hope than ever that God will guide me to a place where I can get answers and direction to be healed. The difference between seeking treatment and answers from past doctors and now is that I am putting my faith in God, and not putting all my hopes and faith in the doctors. I am now praying every day, something that I didn’t always do regularly before meeting Sandy. In my prayer time I felt that God was asking me to pray for my future doctors, something else I have never done in this journey. I never knew someone could have such a wonderful God given talent as Sandy has, to be so intuitive that she can feel what you feel, feel the pain, emotion and because of that, I know God must feel it too. It means so much to me to be fully understood and fully believe that I was telling the truth and that it wasn’t all in my head. It fills me with so much hope, so much peace and so much faith. My upcoming appointment my not be the end to this journey, and I know that I will still need healing, but I feel better emotionally and spiritually knowing that my hope is in God, and I trust that he knows what is best for me. I am very blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to have Sandy come into my life. Brianna

Anxiety...2 years ago my whole world flipped upside down when I started to suffer from anxiety

There was no particular reason why my anxiety started but it happened out of nowhere and got severe very quickly. When it started to happen at first I did not realize what was happening to me, I just thought I wasn’t feeling good a lot more than normal or feeling more lazy than usual. Then I realized how much the amount of times I was skipping outings with my friends or simple things like going out to dinner was increasing. The next couple of months after that, the situation snowballed into something bigger than I would have ever anticipated. Leaving the house became a very difficult task for me in general but what was outside became almost immobilizing to me. Driving became the most difficult, I had to stop driving completely because when I got behind the wheel, I felt like I was going to pass out or became dizzy. I found myself not being able to live my life at all and giving up any hope that I would be able to fight this anxiety. That’s when I met Sandy. I have so much appreciation and gratitude for everything she has done for me. She helped pull me out of something I never thought I could come back from. Sandy pointed me in the right direction and guided me down the path that eventually brought me out of the dark place I was in. With the faith she restored in me and her healing touch, I am finally living a normal life again. The road was a hard one to walk down at times and took a lot of courage and faith but she never let me fail. She was my rock through the whole thing and still is today, strong, solid, my foundation to keep me grounded and my platform to raise me up. I will always be grateful to Sandy and would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with anything no matter how big or small. JT

Healing of Diverticulitis

I knew Sandy as an employee at my daughter’s school. I knew her but didn’t really know her. I got to know Sandy through a mutual friend a few years back. I was incredibly intrigued at what she does “her gift” but was always apprehensive to go to her for any kind of help.

In June of 2014 I spent about a week with severe abdominal and lower back pain. Not knowing what was wrong I went to see my family doctor and was told I had ovarian cysts.  I do and have had ovarian cysts for a few years now and knew this was not the same. However, the doctor knew better. The day after seeing my doctor I ended up in the ER and was admitted being diagnosed with diverticulitis. I was treated and sent home with meds. I was fine for just over a year.

This past August I had another attack of diverticulitis. I was able to catch it a lot sooner this time, knowing what to look for. With a trip to my gastroenterologist I was given a strong round of antibiotics. I took my prescribed meds that did clear up the attack only to leave me with an underlying infection caused by these prescribed meds.

This new infection left me severely sick to the point I could barely leave my home and unable to eat or drink because it would just go right through me. I again had abdominal and back pain and was in the bathroom about every 15 minutes.  I once again called my GI doctor only to be told they would not be able to see me for three days. There was no way I would be able to wait that long and the last thing I wanted was to be hospitalized again.

Not knowing what to do, I decided to call my friend Sandy. She came to see me within a few hours to give me my first “healing” .  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was willing to try anything. After just one visit I was not completely healed, but I was actually able to eat a little and somewhat function a little more normal.

Day two and I received my second “healing”.  I could not believe the change after just two visits. I was able to leave my house and sit and have a normal dinner with my family and have not spent the majority of my day in the bathroom.  I was absolutely amazed!  I received two more healings from her and was feeling 100% better without any “prescribed medicines”!  She is truly remarkable!

I am now seeing her regularly about once a month just for “maintenance” and I have never felt better!

I cannot explain her abilities or her gift, however, I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone!  I am even bringing my daughter to her!


Nerve Damage

I  am a stage 4 lung cancer patient. I had nerve damage in my right arm and was unable to use my hand completely. Thru working with Sandy I am now able to touch my fingers together. What an amazing feeling to feel after months of not being able to do. When such simple things become impossible and Sandy makes them possible again! thank you thank you thank you. You have been heaven sent for sure.

Pam  1-11-2016

Words cannot fully describe the amazing feeing and healing that I received
Words cannot fully describe the amazing feeing and healing that I received. My entire family has received a healing. My daughter was mostly bed bound for two years and now we are looking at getting her enrolled in classes. Only God would be able to heal the way we have been healing. Sandy gives all the credit to God who works through her.
We have spent countless dollars and traveled near and far in hopes of helping our daughter. It’s through the Grace of God that we found Sandy. I am so overjoyed that God lead us to her and healing. I had no idea how powerful the healing would be until she held her hands 4 inches above me and it felt like a magnetic pull. My eyes are always closed but I can feel every area of my body that is being healed. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.
Cathy P
January 2017
Infertility Struggles

I was struggling to get pregnant with my second child. I was on fertility drugs from the OBGYN, taking my temp each morning, and trying just about everything I could. I was sad and frustrated, as I wanted to give my son a sibling very badly. I was talking with a friend one day, and knowing I was a Christian, she asked if she could share my story with Sandy. She did, and Sandy asked to pray with me. She prayed over me for healing, and when we finished praying, she told me she could see some kind of blockage, but that a baby girl spirit was living inside of me, just waiting. A few months later, my doctors did discover blockage in one of my tubes and I had a procedure to clean it out. I ended up giving birth to a sweet baby girl, born on Sandy’s birthday. Sandy is a beautiful person with strong faith and a giving spirit. I will always be grateful to her.

Kelly N

Finding God

I went and saw Sandy in December of 2016. I had called her because I was looking into the spiritual side of life and had a lot, I mean a lot of question for her. My journey started back in early 2016 when I was trying to find the answers everyone does when they have a child. I was looking at many religions wondering why they did what they did. The Buddhist came closest to what I wanted and they acted what they preached. Fast forward to December I still have many questions feeling better but still in need of guidance and I wanted to cleanse my chakras and open my third eye.

We talked I sent up an appointment to see her that Tuesday. As I walked up to her building I got a weird mixture of calmness and nervousness (which was me) as soon as I walked in her room I felt a wave of serenity and happiness. We talked so long the first session I didn’t even get healed haha. But after talking to her just for that hour I felt better then I had in a long time.

So I came back again the next week and was able to receive healing, almost missed it again talking. I felt even better, I got a little insight into my past. I went again the next week and finally got my third eye open. Now all through this I have never been comfortable with closing my eyes with anyone but my best friend, my girlfriend, and daughter. I closed my eyes with Sandy from the first session and felt very at ease. I have since gone back once a month and I feel more connected with our creator, God, every day. Sandy has seen a gift in me and I am working with God and Sandy to develop myself to understand how to use the gift God gave me and to connect to the universe itself. Thank you Sandy.

Josh W


IBS with anxiety

I would like to share my experience going to Sandy for IBS with anxiety. I could not go out without feeling anxious. I stopped going anywhere with crowds. I had to take medication everyday just to go out the door. I was missing out on so much with my family and friends. I kept it a secret, and that added a ton more stress.
A friend sent me Sandy’s information for my husband to go, he has luekmia. I jumped at the chance to be healed.  I Called and got right in. After three visits, just three visits, I’m off medication and went to Disney On Ice with my grandkids this week.
I feel like my old self. Best feeling ever. I’m keeping the Faith and I “Thank Sandy” for my life back. MKP.. Hartland


Reiki or Energy Healing

I have met with Sandy several times. I first went to Sandy to help me clear my energy and get balanced. She not only does that but she has also helped me to gain clarity in my life, my career and my passions. I highly recommend! Sandy is a blessing!”


Jessica S

July 2016

The Passing of a Loved Family Member

Sandy is amazing. Her gift has helped not only myself, but several of my friends, and now it has helped my family. We lost our young CJ, he was 16, and Sandy has so graciously taken his sister and his mother under her wings and provided a beautiful beginning to try and find peace here on Earth without him. She is truly gifted and amazing and I am blessed to be able to share this experience.

Irene J

August 2016

December 2016

Thank you Sandy

“I love going to see Sandy. She has helped me is so many ways with my life. I would highly highly recommend her to anyone who struggles with pain or has questions with the spirit realm.”

Josh W.

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